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we have been talking a lot about your purpose on social media. As a business owner your time and money is very valuable and it needs to be spent on revenue driving activities. If you are using social media ‘just because’ then you really aren’t getting the best ROI on your time.

The first mistake that we find people make is to try and speed up the process, that is the process of increasing revenues through using social media. This is done by being very spammy, trying to sell and promote, or offering discounts and prizes for ‘sharing and liking our page.’ These tactics don’t work. The reason is because social media is not the place for this type of activity. Social media is a place to communicate and connect with the right followers. And just like any relationship, it can’t be sped up, purchased or forced to happen.

Back to the main question then, what is your purpose on social media? This has to be developed internally and can’t be discovered from an outside source. It has to resonate with your target audience and align with your business’ values. Think about why you do what you do, what is the primary benefit of your service and who’s lives are improved by your business. Then develop custom content that attracts the right people and moves you closer to your goals.

The second step is think about what outcome you desire.  At the end of the day your main goal should never be to take people away from your social media channels, you want to provide enough value that they don’t have to leave. With that being said if you are providing value and keeping people engaged, naturally people will visit your website, landing page, blog or whatever else you are trying to build.

Let’s use us, Loop, as an example. Loop Marketing’s main goal is to help businesses succeed through the use of effective social media and digital marketing. We decided as a company this would be our goal, whether or not a business hires us. For this reason our purpose on social media is to help businesses of all shapes and sizes understand how to market their business on social media. Our goal is to build enough trust and loyalty through what we post, that if a business doesn’t have the time, money or resources to do it themselves, then they will hire us. For someone to hire us they would probably visit our website ( So in summary our purpose on social media is to educate businesses on how to succeed, and our desired outcome is creating leads to our website for customers who resonate with our content, but don’t have the time to do it themselves.

So that is our goal for you this week. Think about what your purpose is on social media and how you can engage the right people. And as always, any questions, use #loopmarketing to ask us!

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