Glenn Anderson Day of Golf

The Glenn Anderson Day of Golf

The 31st Annual Glenn Anderson Day of Golf continues to bring together the Edmonton community to raise much needed funds for treatments at the Cross Cancer Institute. KMG Events, the Cure Cancer Foundation, and a committee of respected community leaders volunteering their time, managed another successful tournament at the Derrick Club. Both new and returning sponsors and donors helped to raise $600,000 for the Cross in 2019. The day included wonderful on course hospitality, a giant silent auction hosted on Bid Beacon, sought after live auction experiences, and thousands in donations made directly towards life saving equipment for the facility.


Under the Umbrella Gala

Under the Umbrella Gala

KMG helped WIN House bring their masquerade dreams to fruition at the 4th annual Under the Umbrella Gala at the Renaissance Hotel on October 19, 2019.

The “Unmasking Domestic Violence” message was communicated through the integration of masks throughout the evening, and a raising of masks at the end of the program to symbolize a raising of awareness for domestic violence. The night began with a champagne reception presented by Brookfield Residential, and included a roaming magician, stunning and sought-after silent auction items, and a beautiful flower wall display for our Hillberg & Berk jewelry raffle. This important event reaches new levels of success year after year.

In 2019, we raised over $100,000 for women and children fleeing domestic violence.

ARPA Conference

Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference

KMG Events was excited as always to support the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association on their annual conference, held this year at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. The fantastic weekend brings together community sport and recreation leaders from across Alberta to participate in learning seminars, an industry tradeshow, an evening gala, and late night Halloween costume party! KMG Events supports by selling raffle tickets to raise funds for the Recreation for Life Foundation and it’s programs which impact Albertans across the province.

We bring our special KMG flair to the weekend by organizing and hosting a scavenger hunt spanning the entire hotel grounds. This year we were happy to present “A Sinister Stay at the Chateau Lake Louise”, a murder mystery themed scavenger hunt that took delegates all over the hotel as they collected clues in the snow, unpacked riddles told in a Scottish accent, and tried to solve the murders of three unfortunate characters. This family friendly event included prizes for best costume, and for how/by whom the murders were committed.

We love being able to bring out our creative side for our clients, while simultaneously enjoying a great, social weekend in the Rockies.

Uniquely Me

Uniquely Me Fashion Show & Fundraiser Gala

The 8th Annual Uniquely Me Fashion Show in support of the Edmonton Down Syndrome Society took place on October 23, 2019 at the Chateau Lacombe.

This fabulous evening of fashion, food, and fun raises funds to support programs benefitting individuals who were born with Down Syndrome through EDSS. Local celebrities joined forces with local advocates as they took to the runway, showing off their graciously donated fashions from Floc Boutique, The Helm Menswear, and Lustre Bridal.

The show, presented by Ledcor, included a breathtaking dessert spread by the Art of Cake, and a surprise performance by cast members of the Edmonton Opera’s production of The Marriage of Figaro.

This night showcases both the enthusiasm and the abilities of person’s born with Down Syndrome, as advocates took part in greeting the guests, selling raffle tickets, and emceeing the evening.




What type of social media content should you post?

Hey and welcome back to the last post of our four part series of building an effective social media following.

If you’ve been with us throughout the journey we’ve talked about which channels to use, how to engage your audience and build your followers, what’s the purpose and strategy behind your work, and lastly this week we’ll close it off by chatting about what you should be posting on a daily basis to grow and retain your followers.

At myTab, our main focus is always the same for all our social media clients, building long-lasting relationships. At the end of the day social media is just that, a social network. It is not a place for you to spam your audience, it is not a place to push your product on people, it is a place for you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Social Media is about finding and connecting with people who are interested in you, your business, and what you have to say.

Let’s get started with the first and number one rule of posting and it also happens to be our fourth myTab tip: You should be posting relevant, industry-specific knowledge that will better the lives of your fans, whether or not they buy from you.

Let’s look at some examples.

Say you own a Plumbing business and you are trying to build your following. The typical way of doing things, unfortunately, would be something like:

“SPRING SALE! Book XYZ Plumbing today and receive 15% off!”

Now tell me, is this something you want to see as your scroll through your newsfeed? Didn’t think so.

Instead show your audience that you have their best interest in mind and are willing to give out information without expecting anything in return, perhaps something like:

‘Have a nasty sink that doesn’t seem to drain? We find ABC solution works the best. We’ve tried numerous different products and this one seems to always get the job done!’

Now if I am a consumer and I see this post, I would appreciate that instead of trying to get my money, you are legitimately giving me a great homeowner tip that could save me lots of time and hassle. This is something I am interested in and would probably want to see more of. Furthermore I now trust your name and brand as I know that you the best interest of the consumer in mind.

Some would say ‘but if you give this information out for free then why would they hire me?’ Well the thing is, as we highlighted in the previous paragraph, consumers are more likely to hire you if they trust you. So sure they might not call you next time they have a clogged sink, but when they need a major repair, who do you think they’re going to call? That’s right, it’s you!

This approach works for every type of industry. If you own a woman’s clothing store why not take a picture of your outfit every morning and explain why you chose what you did. Help other woman pick their outfit every morning, whether or not they bought their clothes from you.

If you own a restaurant take professional photos of the food and explain the ingredients. Who doesn’t love a great food pic and everyone wants to know what’s in their food.

Now of course it is okay to do a little promotion here and there, but it shouldn’t be the focus of your content. People know that one of the reasons you are in business is to make money, you don’t have to tell them that. Provide a great service, and they’ll feel encouraged to give you their business. This is the best option when it comes to what to post.

Next you can also feel free to share other peoples content. Loads of people are posting videos, pictures, blogs and other articles on social media that are very pertaining to your industry. If you think a specific item would bring value to your followers and your community, then definitely give it a share.

An example of this would be if you’re a real estate agent and a credible source writes an article about the direction the market is heading. Your followers are probably following you because they are interested in you, but also the real estate market. So share the article, give credit, and then voice your own opinion. Your followers will love it!

From here we encourage you to get creative and have some fun, but again, as long as it’s providing value and not spamming. A few ideas general to any industry would be:

-Customer Interviews
-Employee Case Study
-Personal Hobbies
-Uplifting quotes

With all this advice you should have plenty of ideas circling in your mind about what you can and should post. We hope this last month has been very valuable to you and will help you build an effective social media following.

On a parting note, remember to be patient, these things take time. It could take up to six months before you start seeing real ROI, but in the end, you’re building your brand and it is all worth it. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or twitter.

What’s your purpose on social media?

This week at Loop Marketing

we have been talking a lot about your purpose on social media. As a business owner your time and money is very valuable and it needs to be spent on revenue driving activities. If you are using social media ‘just because’ then you really aren’t getting the best ROI on your time.

The first mistake that we find people make is to try and speed up the process, that is the process of increasing revenues through using social media. This is done by being very spammy, trying to sell and promote, or offering discounts and prizes for ‘sharing and liking our page.’ These tactics don’t work. The reason is because social media is not the place for this type of activity. Social media is a place to communicate and connect with the right followers. And just like any relationship, it can’t be sped up, purchased or forced to happen.

Back to the main question then, what is your purpose on social media? This has to be developed internally and can’t be discovered from an outside source. It has to resonate with your target audience and align with your business’ values. Think about why you do what you do, what is the primary benefit of your service and who’s lives are improved by your business. Then develop custom content that attracts the right people and moves you closer to your goals.

The second step is think about what outcome you desire.  At the end of the day your main goal should never be to take people away from your social media channels, you want to provide enough value that they don’t have to leave. With that being said if you are providing value and keeping people engaged, naturally people will visit your website, landing page, blog or whatever else you are trying to build.

Let’s use us, Loop, as an example. Loop Marketing’s main goal is to help businesses succeed through the use of effective social media and digital marketing. We decided as a company this would be our goal, whether or not a business hires us. For this reason our purpose on social media is to help businesses of all shapes and sizes understand how to market their business on social media. Our goal is to build enough trust and loyalty through what we post, that if a business doesn’t have the time, money or resources to do it themselves, then they will hire us. For someone to hire us they would probably visit our website ( So in summary our purpose on social media is to educate businesses on how to succeed, and our desired outcome is creating leads to our website for customers who resonate with our content, but don’t have the time to do it themselves.

So that is our goal for you this week. Think about what your purpose is on social media and how you can engage the right people. And as always, any questions, use #loopmarketing to ask us!